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Business Information

Ivanhoe Speech Therapy is a personalised speech therapy clinic owned and operated by Jo Brady. Jo has over 20 years working as a speech pathologist with children of all ages. She has also had many years of experience mentoring speech pathologists, teaching and training speech pathology students and designing, implementing and publishing research. Read more here

At Ivanhoe Speech Therapy we recognise that all children are unique. Therapy plans are designed around individual children and family needs, and our clinic space/playroom is large enough to cater for a wide range of activities. If your child prefers, speech therapy games will move away from traditional ‘table-top therapy’ and be designed around your child’s individual interests, such as imaginary play, arts and crafts, active play, dancing, music, lego etc.

The Clinic Playroom

The large clinic space/playroom has been designed to provide a child friendly, modern space that is calming, constructive and conducive to learning.

This includes refurbishment of the clinic room to cater for all learning styles, providing room to hop, jump, skip and dance, engage in imaginary play, or sit on the floor and enjoy craft, lego, or play games.

Children are encouraged to take the lead and choose the activities that engage them.

Hours Of Opening

Ivanhoe Speech Therapy is currently open Monday to Friday 8am-6pm.

Referrals are not needed to attend Ivanhoe Speech Therapy.

Payment is required on the day of the appointment unless prior arrangements are made Health Fund Rebates can be claimed straight away via the onsite HICAPS system. Payment can be made via EFTPOS, credit card or cash.

Medicare Rebates ($52.95) are available for children who hold a complex needs care plan. Up to five sessions can be claimed per calendar year. Your GP will need to provide a copy of this careplan which you can bring along to your appointment, or ask the GP clinic to email a copy to our clinic.


There is a standard fee for all 45-minute therapy sessions.

Initial assessment sessions are charged at a higher rate due to the time taken after the session to work through assessment results and determine your child’s areas of strength and areas that would benefit from some support.

Written reports are only provided on request and incur an additional feel depending on the type and length of the report required.

Please contact Ivanhoe Speech Therapy to discuss fees on 03 9111 5767


Ivanhoe Speech Therapy is currently waiting for approval to provide services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

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